About the Network

The vision for the Deep Tech Network tool starts with the Nanomedicine Canada community and aims to bring together stakeholders in biotech, nanotech and advanced materials. The broader reach for this network is driven by Deep Tech Canada’s diverse array of members who’s sectors range from forestry, biotech, advanced manufacturing, and everything in between.

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Throughout our time together, many of our members had the opportunity to connect at NanoCanada conferences, events, and meetings. And although our world looks a little different now, with many of us working from our homes, people are still looking for connections to potential partners, investors, collaborators, and customers.

This tool will allow Canada’s innovation community to virtually network from the comfort of their own home offices and introduce new users from across the country. The goal was to create a simple interface for users to quickly connect and seek out information, support, and tools with each other. Partnering on larger projects and simply getting to know what’s available at your fingertips will benefit our innovation community.

We hope that as you join us we can explore the strength in deepening and expanding our efforts as a strong Canadian innovation ecosystem.

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To help our network grow even faster, please share The Deep Tech Network with your colleagues.